Educational fun games for kids

Need more than some basic fun in the sun?  How about some educational fun games for kids (or anyone!)?  Nothing is better than a little mental exercise as you enjoy your time outdoors.

Yard Dice

Take your dice games to the yard with a set of yard dice! Kids can freshen up on their math skills while enjoying some dice games.  Yahtzee, snake eyes, twenty-one, and much more can be played with some yard dice.  Many great dice games and how to play them can be found here.   



Giant Tumbling Timber

Jenga fans? Starting at 2.5 feet tall for the Giant version, it can grow to over 5 feet if handled skillfully! Play traditionally where blocks are removed and only one individual slips up and wrecks the blocks or just let your imagination flow and use them as fun building blocks. Strategy and creativity are needed here to be the block master!

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